Læs og hør hvad vores kunder synes om vores foredrag og workshops! Vi har altid en garanti der hedder at du får pengene tilbage hvis du ikke på mindst ét punkt har flyttet dig væsentligt efter et foredrag eller workshop. Det har heldigvis endnu aldrig været nødvendigt at bruge den :-) 

Malthe H.

About a week ago I was coached by Asger in relation to a job interview and he was very motivated to have me perform well at the interview. He learned me stuff about body language that helped me create a connection with the interviewer. He also learned me what to say and what I should ask the interviewer in order to increase the change of getting the job. A lot of the information he gave me I have not been able to find on the internet and was therefore new to me. The day after the coaching, I went to the first round interview and I was afterwards invited to a second interview. I had the second interview today and I am waiting for the interviewer to get back to me. I can highly recommend coaching sessions with Asger to anybody who wants to perform better at jobinterviews.

Malthe H. Risk Analyst at Arbejdernes Landsbank
Maxim Ugleholdt

Asger is wonderful at taking the public skills of others to a higher level with his engaging and structured approach. Especially by demonstrating in practice researched methods and intricacies of the rhetorical art - followed by guiding ‘learning-by-doing’ of what is shown by participants themselves.

Maxim Ugleholdt Leadership Development Consultant
Annette Larsen

Tak til Asger Lindholdt og Asbjørn Jensen fra Talerne.dk for et inspirerende kursus i 'speakers training' d. 9. juni 2018. Jeres vekslen mellem oplæg, teori, øvelser og feedback var befordrende for indlæring og har nu medført, at jeg fremover vil lave min start på mine foredrag om, så de bliver mere levende. Det var tydeligt, at alle deltagerne følte sig udfordret, men i trygge omgivelser, fordi I så fint satte rammerne for vores samspil med hinanden. Annette, www.basicleadership.dk

Annette Larsen www.basicleadership.dk
Maurits Van Sambeek

Asger and I coached each other when we were first exploring our new business opportunities outside academics. He has a keen sense to pinpoint the areas to focus at for rapid personal growth. And his motivating videos deliver the right principles to apply for faster success in improving your public speaking, as well as in enhancing your business acumen. It’s always a great pleasure to speak with him and throughout the years I’ve seen him growing into his role as an inspirational leader for public speakers to be. His energy and expert insight will propel you forward in your public presentation and speaking career!

Maurits Van Sambeek Expert Brand Content Consultant
Anne-Camilla Nielskov

Asger underviste mig i Public Speaking på et kursus hos talerne.dk. Han var autentisk, inspirerende, skarp og meget gavmild med sin fantastiske energi. Det var et super kursus som gav mig nye redskaber til min karriere som foredragsholder. Jeg giver Asger mine bedste anbefalinger!

Anne-Camilla Nielskov Fri af misbrug
Egle Dijokaite

Asbjørn has delivered a workshop on the topic of “Speaking with impact - rivet the attention of ANY audience!” at our Copenhagen Personal Development Group. It was super engaging and entertaining - Asbjorn has great skills and talent to grab and keep audience attention with a use of voice, body language and humour. The workshop was also very valuable in terms of content - we received lots of knowledge about on the topic of public speaking and had a change to practice during multiple exercises. Participants have rated this workshop as one of the best at Copenhagen Personal Development Group. I would highly recommend to attend one of Asbjørns’ workshops if you are looking to develop your public speaking skills.

Egle Dijokaite Helping companies innovate and explore new business models
No Avatar

As a Coach Asbjørn Jensen from www.talerne.dk, made me realize how lucky I am to have waken up and do something about my dreams! His coaching and public talks help me a lot in my professional development, after being coached by him I found a job, started my own company and learned more about my self. I recommend his advise and his skills as a facilitator, motivational speaker and as a life mentor! Maria Angelica Saavedra ma.saavedra3127@gmail.com

Maria Angelica Saavedra UX & Service Designer at Lix Technologies
Cansel Ceran

Asbjørn held a three hour long workshop that I attended to. I was doubting whether to attend or not after a long day but deciding to do so anyway. I am so glad that I did attend because Asbjørn is one of the best public speakers I have stumbled upon live. He has character, gives information in an exciting way that makes you want to listen all the way through, and he made the room come alive! Never have I been so pleased by a workshop. I have learned a lot about public speaking and especially how to deal with the fear that sometimes comes with it. I also learned how to present in a more powerful way. All my best recommendations to Asbjørn Jensen (Talerne.dk)

Cansel Ceran Lawstudent at the University of Copenhagen
Birgitte Riddersholm

Kan man altid blive bedre? Endda til det man selv synes man er god til? Det mener jeg. I sidste uge deltog jeg i et sjovt, lærerigt og lidt grænseoverskridende kursus med Asbjørn Jensen fra talerne.dk som underviser i PUBLIC SPEAKING. Kurset var afholdt hos DJØF, som fortæller mig noget om kvaliteten af indholdet. Jeg selv bruger public speaking skills når jeg underviser i sport, i projektledelse, men også i min daglige "storytelling" når jeg er sammen med dig og dig og dig... Vil du også blive mere powerful, confident og tale med impact? Mine varmeste anbefalinger går til Asbjørn, stor High-5!

Birgitte Riddersholm Project Manager // Cand.merc i Change Management & BSc i Sports and Event Management
No Avatar

THANK YOU !!! Very generously Asbjørn Jensen talerne.dk shared his expertise with an enchanted audience of over 80 participants. Plenty of fun exercises to integrate and apply the key messages of how to deliver a memorable speech/presentation. Now everyone is encouraged to take the next step to become a great speaker themselves. Thanks a lot to DJØF for supportive partnership since 2014. Thanks a lot to VP Events Egle Dijokaite for organizing this event. Thanks a lot to Asbjørn for contributing to PWN Copenhagen.

Pia Koch President PWN Copenhagen, relevant, business anthropologist
No Avatar

I participated in a workshop that was held by Asbjørn Jensen from Talerne.dk which was concerning improvement of presentation skills and communication with a bigger audience. The workshop was incredibly useful for me, not only did I get better at presenting and more aware of my presentation techniques but the workshop also helped me improve my performance in job interviews. The workshop was extremely interactive and we were all pushed out of our comfort zone, which I believe was one of the main factors for such an efficient improvement.

Farah Saied Sales and Marketing Coordinator
 Alper Cömert

A half day of moving past comfort zones and expanding boundaries, this workshop with these four amazing coaches has grown in me a confirmation of pursuing the path I am on. The novel approach on goal setting and the steps that lead to that goal is something profoundly paradigm changing.

Alper Cömert Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering
Jonas Viggo Thobias Andreasen

En ny måde at levere sit elevator pitch og forberede mere i salget af sig selv. Teknikker til at forberede sin mentale indstilling. Slippe af med jantelovens greb.

Jonas Viggo Thobias Andreasen Ledig
Emilie Louise Karlsson

Today was an interesting day. Through the experiences of four different speakers speakers we were given hands-on advice and best practices on how to reach success. Obviously, all people are different and we all need to find "our path" on how to move forward to reach goals most effectively. I already knew my path before coming here, but today has broadened my views even further, and rewarded me with some new mental tools. Thank you for a rewarding and inspiring day.

Emilie Louise Karlsson Studerende
Mona Jensen

I’ve had the privilege of working with Asbjørn and getting his feedback and help in the form of coaching and resume advice. His help excelled me a great leap forward, and my call-back rate went from zero to around 80% within the first month. I can honestly say he is part of the reason I became an environmental consultant, instead of settling for a job in operations, and I am much happier because of it.

Mona Jensen Waste and communication manager
Joan Agami Hansen

The workshop holders were brilliant. Professional, courteous and humourous. Even though we may be out of our comfort zone, you were all respectful . It did not matter if it was the first time or the 100th time or if you were a toastmaster or not. It was a wonderful and interactive day.

Joan Agami Hansen Fuldmægtig
Christian Staal

Asger Lindholdt har hjulpet mig med at nå mit mål om at blive en dygtig taler. Hans coaching tog udgangspunkt i hvad jeg selv ønskede at forbedre, og samtidigt åbnede han mine øjne for nogle ting jeg ikke selv var opmærksom på. Asgers sparring og rådgivning har hjulpet mig til at opnå stor fremgang i mine evner som formidler på kort tid.

Christian Staal Foredragsholder og forfatter Christianstaal.com
Maja Thorslund

Det har været rigtig godt at få elevatortalen så struktureret. Fantastisk at øve den igennem vha. rollespil, især fordi vi fik instant feedback, og derefter mulighed for at afprøve talen på ny med et 2 forsøg og med en ny feedback mere. Det var rigtig god teoretisk praksis og med tydelig fokus på at rykke os her og nu. Meget overbevisende at opleve så konkrete resultater. Deltager på workshoppen "Personlig branding - sælg dig selv"

Maja Thorslund Project Manager I Events I Marketing I Stakeholder Relations Company: Venture Cup, WeBoard
Morten Vilstrup

Med stort engagement og solid baggrund i management teorier fik talerne.dk hele WeBoard netværket til at gentænke vores Mission, Vision og strategi-statements. Vi blev skarpere og fik bedre klarhed på vores DNA. Jeg var imponeret over den dynamik der blev skabt i rummet og specielt talernes evne til at lede en åben dialog så den blev fokuseret på emnet og gav et konkret udbytte. Alle deltagere havde flyttet sig.

Morten Vilstrup Lean Process Manager
Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

I met Asger on a recent speaking tour of Europe and had the opportunity to see him present in Copenhagen. He is articulate, focused and entertaining and will undoubtly bring that energy to any event where he is engaged. I recommend him as a speaker.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey Accredited speaker and author - promotional website, Have Mouth Will Travel, ShawneTV - fan club

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